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Traditional Chilean clothing is very vivid, lively, and festive. It is also based a lot around comfort because most of the population in Chile work in jobs that use manual labor and modern fashion also has a lot of influence from traditional Chilean clothing because it is very patriotic, showing pictures that represent the country, it is very bright, and rare. This relates to the ethnic composition because most of the articles of clothing made take a lot of work and manual labor, which is the type of work that the majority of the population does, it is very versatile, and people from all walks of life can wear it.

The Chupallas is a hat made out of straw that is usually worn by horsemen or men in the Chilean rodeos. It has also been worn by more of the regular people in Chile who live in the more rustic areas and some men who practice traditional Chilean dances. Along with being made out of straw, these hats have also been made out of rice and wheat more recently, even though the hat gets its name from the plant it was originally made from. The Chupallas reflects the cultural composition of Chile because it is worn by men from all types of places and all social classes. This is like the make up of Chile because most of the population is part Indian and part American, so they could be in any social class with any job, which really reflects the diversity of people who wear the Chupallas.

The Chamanto is a traditional Chilean garment that people of both genders can wear at any time of the day. It is a very colorful and attractive poncho that is woven using a very difficult type of weaving, which makes it very hard to make. The Chamanto is usually made of silk or wool and has ribbon throughout the whole poncho, which is what makes it so beautiful, complex, and original. Another aspect of this poncho that is unique to the Chamanto is that it can be wore on either side, including either the side with darker colors which is worn during the daytime, or the side with lighter colors which is worn during the night time. To decorate the Chamanto and give it the individual style, people add picture of things from nature like flowers, birds, and crops. This represents the ethnic composition of Chile now because it is a very patriotic piece of clothing and it is very comfortable and resourceful garment that can be worn when doing physical labor, which a majority of the population does.
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